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 Fender Stratocaster Eric Johnson Signature Two-Tone-Sunburst


Mrs. Perfect

Das beste Serien-Stück aus meiner Sammlung. Schlägt nach Meinung vieler Fans sogar diverse Custom-Shop-Strats. Hier ein Auszug aus den Fender-Seiten:

Eric Johnson Stratocaster®

The long-awaited Eric Johnson Stratocaster guitar arose from Johnson’s express wish to give something back to the collectors, players fans who’ve supported him throughout his career.

Designed by Johnson himself with his own personal features and preferences, this signature model has a highly contoured two-piece alder body with a very thin nitrocellulous lacquer finish. The one-piece quarter-sawn maple neck has a V-shaped profile, 12” fingerboard radius and 21 polished frets. The staggered vintage-style machine heads eliminate the need for a string tree, and the custom pickups are wound to Johnson’s specs. Other features include a parchment ’57-style pickguard, four-spring vintage tremolo, silver-painted block and ’57-style string recess with no paint between the base plate and the block.

Und einige Auszüge aus den Harmony-Central-Bewertungen:
The things that jumped out at me were the light weight and resonance. The notes were real clear and sparkled. This was apparent playing the guitar without plugging in (you can surprisingly tell a lot about an electric guitar by playing it acoustically). Plugged in every note had separation and clarity. Crank up the overdrive and the pickups sing but stay clear. I have a modern amp setup (Boogie Nomad preamped with a Pod Pro) and I was worried how the vintage-style pickups would react with the digital amp simulations and the guitar sounded great. This is not just a vintage re-issue.
- Quarter sawn maple neck transfers more energy neck to body.
- light alder body which offers more midrange warmth for leads but has all the shimmer for clean tones
- original nitrocellulose finish lets the guitar breath for better tone.
- Bone nut and original spec tremelo block = better sustain.
- Pick-ups designed by the most meticulous guitarist on the planet.
By far the coolest signature Stratovarius ever produced. I finally found a sunburst with a beautiful flamed maple neck.
If you want the most pristine Stratocaster sound you've ever heard, then buy this guitar.

... und noch ein Review by http://www.musiciansfriend.com/

After years of painstaking research and design, the Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster Electric Guitar has finally arrived. Designed with Eric by Custom Shop guru Michael Frank-Braun, this beauty is based on a '57, and combines the best of vintage design with modern electronics technology.
The '57-style, 2-piece alder body has an ultrathin, Custom Shop-quality nitrocellulose lacquer finish that results in better resonance. Johnson opted for a one-piece, quartersawn maple neck with a 12" radius that's finished with a thin-skinned glossy lacquer and vintage tint. 19 prototype pickups were created before Johnson found the tone he was looking for. The Custom Shop-modified single coils use a new wire material for the magnets.
Johnson and Braun also included one of Eric's most famous Strat modifications by wiring the tone controls to the neck and bridge pickups, instead of the standard neck/middle tone configuration of most Strats. This guitar is tonal perfection thanks to the discerning ear of one of the best players to ever pick up an axe. And it's pleasing to the eye as well, with its large arm contour, '57-style pickguard and shallow pickup cavities, plus thin headstock with vintage staggered tuners that eliminate the need for a string tree. Unbelievable Custom Shop quality in a production axe. Thanks Fender, this one was well worth the wait!

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