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 Fender Telecaster Thinline 69 Three-Tone-Sunburst


La Chica Mexicana

Das Geschenk meiner Familie zu meinem 40. Geburtstag. Hier ein Auszug aus den Fender-Seiten:

Fender ‘69 Telecaster® Thinline


The semi-hollow-body design was originally an attempt to reduce the weight of the solid-body Telecaster guitar; the f-hole being the most apparent visual clue to its construction. With its reshaped pickguard, the ’69 Telecaster Thinline is a lightweight addition to the Tele family, but with heavyweight feel and tone.

Und einige Auszüge aus den Harmony-Central-Bewertungen:
Wonderful. I find this to be the best sounding telecaster I've ever had, and the other guys in my band agree. It sounds like you'd expect a tele to sound, but there is a sort of hollow 'something' to the tone as well. It's especially noticable on the neck pickup. It reminds me a little of the sound of an ES335 or a P90 equipped guitar. It's hard to describe but there's a clarity and tightness to the sound compared to my other conventional tele...but still with that woody openness you get with a hollow body. More harmonics and overtones it seems too. More 'musical'.

Besucher seit dem 25.07.2010

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